Friday, 11 July 2014

5 facts about Rio!

 5 Facts about Rio!

  1. To start Rio is a rescue rabbit!
  2. He was born on the week of the 20thof January 2014
  3. He is a mini lop
  4. We saved him from being snake food
  5. Rio was a bit stressed out at first but is a happy BUN now!
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Monday, 7 July 2014

Rabbits in HOT weather!

RABBITS IN THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry to much about you rabbit in hot weather they do loose some of there fur in the hotter time of the year and if your rabbit is 'panting' a bit more than usual this is there way of cooling themselves down a bit!

However you can help them  out on extremely warm days! Here are some of the things I do:
  • Get an ice pack or a frozen water bottle and put it next to the rabbit(s) this should help them cool down, if your rabbit takes no interest  they're obviously fine but don't let this stop you trying another day because there temperatures do vary! 
  • Another thing is that if there hutch is directly in sunlight put them in a run or inside for a bit to cool down or just make sure they have shade.
  • An obvious one but always make sure they have water, preferably not warm, for there sake! 
  • You can buy cool-pads from places like pets at home, Amazon, EBay etc. personally I think an ice pack will do just as well and won't cost you £30 but if you have some bunny funds lying around test it! 
  • Getting an ice cube and ubbing it on the end of the bunnies ears is a good cooling method, since all of a rabbits heat comes out through there ears!
  • Try not to cuddle your rabbit to much when its boiling for this can make them grumpy and frustrated.
. You have to watch out for heart stroke, these are the symptoms:
  • Fast, shallow breathing
  • Wetness around the nose area
  • Tossing back of head while breathing rapidly from open mouth
  • Really hot ears (not just warm but burning hot, rabbits get warm-ish ears anyway)
If you notice one or more of these symptoms take you rabbit to the vets as quickly as possible. It can be very dangerous. down below is a video of a rabbit having heat stroke.

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Hello Every'bun'!

Hello everyone!
I've  decided to start a blog about my very special rabbit Rio, a rescue rabbit. We adopted Rio on the 12th of June 2014, so not that long ago! He started of a bit shaky and nervous but he's so much better now, he just needed a good loving home, which he now has! 

Rio loves to be petted behind the ears and on the forehead when you do this he grinds his teeth, a sign of happiness. He is getting better at being handled but still not fully there yet! Baby steps, baby steps!!!

Rio is an outdoor bunny and sleeps in a 2 tier hutch. Everyday he goes in the playpen for 2-3 hours! He has food and water in there! 
So on my blog I will post about rabbit signals of happiness and sadness, what rabbits eat, how to clean them out, litter training them and loads more! If you or anyone you know needs advice on getting a pet (any really) I will try my hardest. 

If you ever have a story or advice you would like to give me i would love to hear from you or any questions you'd like to ask me please do! Contact me @

Thank you everyone!