Sunday, 14 December 2014

My First Ever Rabbit

My First Ever Rabbit

I remember when I decided I wanted a rabbit. It was one afternoon when my mum and I went to go by some dog food from our local pet shop Dee's Pets. I'd never even thought about owning a rabbit until I saw this little white rabbit. Her story said she was abandoned at a shelter by a breeder, who didn't want her because of her red eyes. Red eyes don't make a difference in my opinion, so this upset me and got me thinking. The next week we went back and I asked a lady who worked there "what happened to the bunny". She told me she found a home. That couldn't have made me happier!

Anyway as I said this got me thinking about getting a rabbit. So I was dropping hints to my parents for months about getting one but nothing worked! I did hours and hours of research and made a presentation on "Why I should be allowed a rabbit". They then said YES but after we move house! I was so excited! 

It took us 6 months to finally move house! A long process. We moved in on the 7th of April 2014 and I got my first rabbit on the 14th of April 2014. I remember picking her out from a bunch because of her eyes. 

She was a female mini lop. She had big blue eyes and grey silky fur. She was the size of my hand and only 8 weeks when we got her.  I wanted so much to play with her all day the first day i had her but the breeder I got her from said to leave her to settle in, which I really suggest doing when getting a new rabbit.

The next day it was one of my good friends birthday sleepover, which had been booked in for ages! So I told my mum exactly what to do and even wrote it down for her! 

The next day my mum picked me up from my friends house a bit early so she could take me to my doctors appointment(I have a bad knee). Anyway after the appointment when we went back to the car, I knew something was wrong. I thought for a second it was my grandad and already started to cry but then she just said "Indigo" and I knew what had happened.

Indigo-Blu my rabbit passed away on the 16th of April 2014. We will never know what happened to her but I was absolutely devastated when i found out. I had her for 2 days.

I was given the choice to take her to a rabbit sanctuary and for her ashes to be spread with other rabbits, bury her or take her to the vets to find out what went wrong. I didn't want to know what went wrong because whatever it was I could have helped and I didn't. I decided to bury her in a pot in my garden and plant a tree there for her to be remembered by.

It took me 3 months to decide whether I wanted another rabbit and I did get another, Rio. I was terrified when I got him and still am but I don't regret it.

Even too this day I miss Indigo-Blu so much. India was named after her since she reminds me of her so much, they would have been half sisters.

The one thing I found out about having Indigo-Blu was that there is no correct timing too fall in love. It's different for everyone. I fell in love with her the first day I got her but sadly only got to show her my love for 2 days. I still love her.

RIP Indigo-Blu


  1. there could have been any number of reason why you lost Indigo-Blue,and sometimes there is no way of knowing,and even if you had been at home when she became ill you might not have been able to save her,the truth be told is she was probably already sick when you first got her and would not have known because she would have hid the problem right up to last moment ,so please don't feel that you could have helped her and didn't because you wouldn't have been able to help her,cherish those two day you had with her and be comforted that she knew love if only for a little while.if you ever need advice you can contact me,or there are many other sources for information too,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Thank you so much @speedyrabbit your so kind! I know that there was probably nothing I could do now. I would love to get in contact with you. Do you have Instagram? Thank you so much xxx