Monday, 7 July 2014

Hello Every'bun'!

Hello everyone!
I've  decided to start a blog about my very special rabbit Rio, a rescue rabbit. We adopted Rio on the 12th of June 2014, so not that long ago! He started of a bit shaky and nervous but he's so much better now, he just needed a good loving home, which he now has! 

Rio loves to be petted behind the ears and on the forehead when you do this he grinds his teeth, a sign of happiness. He is getting better at being handled but still not fully there yet! Baby steps, baby steps!!!

Rio is an outdoor bunny and sleeps in a 2 tier hutch. Everyday he goes in the playpen for 2-3 hours! He has food and water in there! 
So on my blog I will post about rabbit signals of happiness and sadness, what rabbits eat, how to clean them out, litter training them and loads more! If you or anyone you know needs advice on getting a pet (any really) I will try my hardest. 

If you ever have a story or advice you would like to give me i would love to hear from you or any questions you'd like to ask me please do! Contact me @

Thank you everyone!

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  1. a very good start,to being a good bunny mum,if you can have Rio playing in the play pen for longer would be better ideally 8 to 10 hours and ideally needs to be 10ft square so they they can run and binky properly.My Speedy is a house rabbit and free ranges in the house or garden depending on the weather for 10 to 12 hours a get to see a lot of their character when they are indoors,but that is down to personal choice.Well come to the blogging world.Your Rio is a cutie,xx Rachel and Speedy