Friday, 12 December 2014

New Bunny!

Hello Every'bun! I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged in ages so much has been happening in my life! (Excuses! Excuses!) But now things are calming down and I would really like to start doing a blog each week maybe even more! So much has happened and the one main thing is that Rio has not got a buddy!

Yes, yes i got a new rabbit and her name is India! She is a mini lop as well as Rio! She is a bit smaller than Rio but has grown so much in just a few months! She used to be the size of my hand (and i have really small hands!) She is a lovely little girl and is about 8 months old. I do think it is best to adopt rabbits but I'm not judging anyone who bought there rabbit from a pet store because India is from a breeder, the same breeder as where Rio came from but Rio was one she took in. I just saw India and fell in love with her since she reminded me so much of my first ever rabbit.

I will be getting her neutered in the new year because she is very, very excitable. Also you may not know but female rabbits are especially pron to cancer and obviously i don't want that, so neutering limits the chances!

Anyway I promise I will blog more but I really need some please get people looking at my blogs and tell me if there is anything specific you'd like me to blog about!

Thank you for reading! Please follow xx


  1. She's adorable,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Thank you, speedyrabbit! Please may u tell peopleabout my blog? It would really help xx