Friday, 12 December 2014

Pets at home haul/reviews

Pets at home haul/reviews

So for the people who don't know 'pets at home' is a really well known, famous pet shop in the UK. It sells things for really any kind of pet! Things from cleaning products, to hutches, to food and so much more! It is a great store.

My Products 

Red Berry Sticks
These are the red berry sticks, priced at £2.50 but nearly always have a deal on! These are really good treats for your rabbits, if given as treats. Too many can cause weight and teeth problems. These are quite expensive but I only give one to my rabbits about once a month, so not too bad! And Rio and India adore them!

 Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets Adult Rabbit Food
This is my rabbits everyday pellet, purchased at £5 for 2kg but at the moment it has a 20% off deal on it. It is just a plain pellet which are better for rabbits than muesli ones with dried fruits. My rabbits seem to enjoy eating this and they go mental when they here me shake the nuggets around in the bowl!

Fruit and Veg Chews for Small Animals

These are the fruit and veg chews priced at £2.00 from Pets at Home. I bought these chews thinking they looked really sweet but my rabbits paid no interest at all in these. I'm not saying they're a bad or faulty product, it's just my rabbits had no interest in them at all!

Vita Sport Willow Tunnel
 My bunnies have had 2 of these tunnels. I think they are just a really fun toy, which will give your rabbits hours of fun but they don't last forever though! I think they must be quite tasty to bunnies! This is £14.99 online but I'm sure i got mine for £5, since I'd never spend that much on a toy. They probably sell these anywhere!

Red Polka Dot Bowl
 This bowl is actually a cats bowl! I just bought it because it's adorable. I swore I bought it for £4 but it says £2 on the website! I bought the red one because I couldn't resist the cuteness! Also this bowl is great because its ceramic so doesn't knock over, when bunnies are clumsy!

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  1. Great review,Speedy normally has the Excell light but he has science at the moment as he was poorly in the beginning of october and went off all his favourite food and veg it's taken nearly 2 months to get him back to normal,but when the science gets low we will get him back on the Excell light,we pay about £3.90 at our local independent pet shop,you should try Amazon for some of the Toys like the tunnel and the willow balls to as you can get them at good prices there too sometimes with free delivery,xx Rachel

  2. Thank you speedyrabbit ! Is there anything you'd like me to blog about or things you know people like to read! Spread the word x